Wednesday, 14 November 2012

One of the best dystopian novels... :)

5-star review!
One of the best dystopian novels I've read!  
This not-for-the-faint hearted dystopian thriller will keep you awake at night for days.  Fast paced and gruesome it definitely puts the disturbing into dystopian.  I would definitely recommend it if you have read The Hunger Games and fancy a similar but more harrowing read with a strong female lead who represents every thing a dystopian female heroin(e) should: strength, loyalty and the spirit to never give in..." 

I'm thrilled that readers who have read The Hunger Games are enjoying CRUSH ME, "a similar but more harrowing read"!

I love all your reviews and comments, keep them coming!  :))  Thank you so much, and enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Are you experiencing "the story's adolescence"?

"As a species, we are not exactly smart enough to write novels with our conscious minds alone.  We are using our consciousness to tap into our unconsciousness, to tap into something that comes out of the earth, through the linoleum.  What you're experiencing is the story's adolescence, when it is ceasing to be the cute little pink and white child, and becoming someone strange and difficult and unfamiliar and more interesting.  You have to survive that period as best you can.  What's actually happening is that the novel you actually need to write is being born."

- Michael Cunningham

What do you think?  Is that how we all write our stories?

Friday, 2 November 2012

FREE today, 2 Nov - 4 Nov 2012!

CRUSH ME (Blade and Bone, Book 1) is FREE on Amazon today 2 Nov - 4 Nov 2012!

It is an electrifying, gripping YA dystopian thriller filled with gut-wrenching choices, pounding action, unexpected romance and stunning discoveries.

Get it now!  Enjoy, and feel free to review it! :)  Thank you!