Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Are you experiencing "the story's adolescence"?

"As a species, we are not exactly smart enough to write novels with our conscious minds alone.  We are using our consciousness to tap into our unconsciousness, to tap into something that comes out of the earth, through the linoleum.  What you're experiencing is the story's adolescence, when it is ceasing to be the cute little pink and white child, and becoming someone strange and difficult and unfamiliar and more interesting.  You have to survive that period as best you can.  What's actually happening is that the novel you actually need to write is being born."

- Michael Cunningham

What do you think?  Is that how we all write our stories?


  1. I really think the stories we write tell so much more about us than we'll ever know and at some point they become independent.

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  3. What a beautiful quote you found, I believe the stories we tell are much more personal than we think.

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  5. I think the storys tell us how to write them. Thats not to say that it is ever easy. Right now I'm in the "I refuse to come out ot my room" stage. I can take it though. It will get hungry sooner or later. That's when it becomes an teen, and there's no looking back.